Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Lunch With Friend From Oman

Today I have a friend from Oman having lunch at my home. She is Kak Zilla.. rakan seperjuangan bermain netball mewakili negara Malaysia (bangga ni…). Those days when I was in Oman, we have sports tournament between three countries – Malaysia, Indonesia & Brunei.

I represented Malaysia in netball game. I had not played netball since my school days somehow managed to perform well in the game n was chosen to be GK, GD. Anyway we lost to Bruneian.. reason coz the referee were Bruneian n always berat sebelah.. Biasa ah.. dah kalah mcm2 lah alasan.. hehehehehe.. We got 2nd place in netball..

Kak Zilla came 2 weeks ago before she went to Melbourne to attend her daughter's graduation day. I felt bad for not having her for lunch or dinner. So today I insisted her to come over n have lunch. She just arrived from Melbourne last night n will fly back to Oman tonight.

Though today also was a brisk time spent with her but I am glad that she could make it. I wish her a safe journey back to her family in Oman. Selamat menjamu selera kek-kek lapis tu.. :)

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