Monday, 19 October 2009

Another Day In Singapore

We started our yesterday morning going to Geylang the central Malay community in Singapore. There are lots of Malay, Indon, Arab restaurants selling halal foods in Geylang. We had our brunch there n strolled along the street. Since it was Sunday, the area was crowded with people shopping for their weekly groceries n also Indonesians, Philippines workers who had their day off. Meriah sungguh...

When I was in the taxi going there, the driver told me about the weird thing in Singapore. If it is Raya festival you can only see this area being decorated represented the Raya festival. Then if it is Deepavali it will be the Little India town n if it is Chinese New Year it will be in China town. When it’s Christmas the Orchard Road will be decorated sparklingly for that season.

I told the driver proudly that in Malaysia, be it any festive we will decorate the whole town, nation according to the festival. All of us celebrate n share the joy moments together. Huh.. begitu patriotik sekali.. One Malaysia lah katakan...

We got back to the hotel in the afternoon as the kids already tired. At 6.30 the transport came n took us to the Night Safari. We arrived there at 7.00pm. We started with the cultural show. It was the tribal dance performance of dances, acrobatic acts, fire eating displays n blowpipe demonstrations.

After the entrance we queued up to take a tram ride. The 45min tram ride covering 3.2km which we saw animals from Himalayan foothills to the jungles of Southeast Asia n Africa. The children were very excited as they could see rhinos, elephants, tapirs, tigers, lions along the ride during night time.

After the dramatically ride we went to see the show at the amphitheatre. The show demonstrated the behaviour n abilities of the animals like binturongs, otters, raccoons n hyenas. It was quite an interesting enjoyable show.

We left the place at 9.30pm with each of us having the yummy luscious BEN&JERRY’S ice cream. When asked the kids, they totally enjoyed the Night Safari. Today we are leaving Singapore in the evening. Our check-out time is at 12.30noon n I guess we just wonder around again along the Orchard Road to kill the time

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