Saturday, 17 October 2009

In Singapore

We arrived in Singapore at 1.30pm. From the airport we took a taxi to our hotel which located along the Orchard Road. The reason we were in Singapore solely just for a holiday. My children are having a week term break next week.

Another main reason is because of Hakeem! He always asked n begged us to go to Singapore. He told his daddy that all his friends at school go to Singapore. He kept saying that his friends said his favourite toy – BAKUGAN are much way cheaper in Singapore! And that’s why he wants to come here.

I could see his eagerness n excitement once we reached the hotel. In the plane he was nonstop asking “Are we in Singapore yet?” “Why it is so long to reach there” “Is it cold in Singapore?” More n more curious questions n comments from him.

We then strolled along the Orchard Road. It was crowded as it was weekend n holiday too in Singapore. We hopped in from one Mall to another. No desire n thrill to shop as the current currency is RM2.50 = 1 dollar Spore. So darab tolak campur.. it became more expensive compare to Malaysia.

There is a lot of new shopping malls along the street. We went to Orchard Central Mall which famous for the soaring steep outdoors escalators. This is known as Singapore’s tallest vertical Mall standing 12 storeys with 2 basements. It was quite interesting as the escalators connecting directly from the ground floor to fourth floor. We went till the top floor taking 3 different connections of escalators. We could see malls after malls down us. It looks quite scary but there’s a glass panel protecting us so that we would not fall out while looking at the scenery!

I have actually not being in Singapore for soooo long. My last trip here was 14 years back attended my cousin’s wedding. When I was small Singapore was like my 2nd home. Every time when we balik kampong (Batu Pahat), my parents brought us here. We normally drive n overnight at my uncle’s house for a week.

My mom’s favourite place was Woodland – beli buah oren n laici!! Then TANG at the Orchard Road. There is not much different Singapore from the last time I had been here. The country is still clean with trendy people n of course now with more Malls.

Anyway today was our first day here. Hakeem already got what he wanted so much – BAKUGAN which of course more expensive after converted to our currency! Tomorrow we plan to go to Geylang n have our lunch there n also to other interesting places here. To be continued then...

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