Sunday, 31 August 2014

Malaysia… Di Sini Lahirnya Cinta

My two younger children, Nabila and Hakeem have never been to Malaysian school. They never learn about the history of Malaysia. What they only learn and know is, Malaysia is the place where they were born. Malaysia is their homeland. Malaysia is where are all their grandparents and cousins stay. Malaysia is the only place they feel like home when they are there.

What they learn in their school is a world history. The history of England - the history of WWII and also the Victorians. In Geography, they learn more on the environment of how to save the earth.

They just know Kuala Lumpur/Shah Alam is the place where we always stay whenever we go to back to Malaysia. They know Kedah as a place where their Tok Ayah stay and also Malacca where we always go to visit their grandmother. Miri, Sarawak is a place where both of them were born. They just memorise the place by name but never been there since they were 1 year old.

At home, I cook Malay dishes as our daily diet. Sambal belacan, sambal tumis, masak tempoyak, kari, laksa and more foods if I were to list here. Nabila is a big fan of my cooking. She is just like me, loves to explore foods. Believe it or not, one of her favourites is lemak pucuk ubi masak tempoyak. Unlike Hakeem, tekak orang putih. He loves to eats spaghetti, pasta, cheese and burger. Last year during Ramadhan, I have to cook lasagna as Hakeem's iftar meal for the whole month! Unbelievable that he can eat the same meal every day. Only lately, Hakeem learns to accept Malay food. He started to eat what I cook.

Nabila and Hakeem cannot converse in Bahasa Melayu. They think and talk in English but they can understand Bahasa Melayu, mostly what I and hubby were talking. When they were small, we can openly talk about anything especially gossips and about them! Hahahha.. but now.. it's so difficult. I wish I and hubby can talk a language that they don't understand!

Today 31st August is my country, Malaysia.. 57th National Day. Though I am far far away from my homeland, the spirit of patriotism to my country is always in my blood. I am proud to see Malaysia as it is now.

To Nabila and Hakeem, though they don't know the history of Malaysia, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Rukun Negara or even to sing the National Anthem, I believe Malaysia has always been in their heart. They have been to a few places in other country and have seen how the other side of the world looks like.

In all their life, they know Malaysia is a place where they were born, the place where they belong. They are proud to introduce to their British, Americans or any other Asians friends - "I am from Malaysia. I am Malaysian". They are always happy and excited every time going back to Malaysia.

I always tell them, no matter where you go.. where you live.. how success you are in your life, NEVER and always NEVER forget where you come from. Don't talk bad of your own country. Living abroad like us, we carrying the good names of our country. Always be proud of who you are as whatever good and bad things that you do, it reflects your nationality and country.

"Malaysia… Di Sini Lahirnya Cinta" or "Malaysia Where Love Grows" indeed carry a big meaning to all of us. Despite having the disagreement among political thinking and the tragedy of our National Carrier, MAS that the whole world are eying on us, we as Malaysian still stand together for the love of our country.

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