Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Magic Way

Ya….. masa kecemasan telah bermula!! What you see above is the herbal tea. Well.. not literally a tea with herbs like those so called organic! I drink this tea when I start to feel that I've eaten a lot.. or I start to feel that I need to discard those 'excess baggage' in my body. Yeah.. it did helped me though.

This is actually a kind of tea that helps you to reduce weight and body odour in a traditional way. I will drink it at night before sleep and the next morning the 'traditional process' begin! I will start having a very pain stomach ache that will make me going to the toilet 3-4 times a day. Wah… I feel so good actually because physiologically I feel that whatever excess that I have in my body has been disposed!

Unfortunately this way of loosing weight won't seems to last long with me. This is not my first kind of tea to reduce weight. I've tried a few other brands before. All of these will only work on the first two days. After that my body seems to get immune with it and I don't feel those pain of urging going to the toilet anymore.

Arghh… it is so easy to gain weight but not to loose it! People say that I am still in the category of the 'slim' size of person. Probably it is because of my height. I agree with them as I am not that bloated and fat yet BUT I feel I am going to be soon.

Only you know your body well especially when you put on your dress.. the sleeves seems to be getting tighter and uncomfortable, you can't pull your shirt/blouse down to cover your hips which is getting bigger and wider now, you can't button your favourite pants or jeans and more and more that make you say to yourself - "I've put on weight" , "I dah gemuk!!!!"

At my age now.. I am easily getting demotivated during the process of loosing weight. The target of my magic number of kilos keep increasing after a few months not achieving the initial number.

I just have to keep saying good things to comfort and motivate myself. Thank God that I am not really a big eater person. I always eat moderate in a small portion. I only sometimes go crazy on foods during holidays and vacations. And yet I don't know how I still gain weight!

I know it is impossible for me to get my shape or weight back like my zaman anak dara dulu. What I have to do now is just continue doing what I am doing. Eat moderate, go to the gym and sometimes drink my magic herbal tea!

Sounds good right? I've to stop for always feeling regret after every time I eat. Berdosa!! I've to stop thinking of poking my finger in my mouth so that I can throw out all the food that I've eaten. Hahahaha.. never done that yet.. only the thought of it!

What I have to is.. I've to start appreciating my healthy body that I have now rather than worried over nothing. I've to keep telling myself that at my age now - I still do look sexy and pretty! Yes.. say it every time I stand in front of the mirror. Last but not least, bersyukur to have a choice to eat anything what I want at anytime because I can afford to have it and also because Alhamdullilah I am healthy and free from any major sickness. It is just up to me whether I want to do it or not!

So stop complaining my dear 'me'...

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