Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The tradition of Acar Buah

Today is the first day of Ramadhan in Oman. Unlike the other GCC countries and even back in Malaysia started fasting yesterday, we start fasting today. It is summer time here and the duration of fasting is longer - 15hours. I feel sorry for my kids, Nabila and Hakeem as they still have to go to school with this hot summer day and fasting at the same time. The activities at the school runs as normal like P.E or swimming but the teacher give the flexibility for those who are fasting to skip it if they feel tired. Dugaan besar pada mereka ni...

Talking about "acar buah", it has been a tradition in my family to have it during Ramadhan. I've growing up eating and seeing my mother made it for this special month. I don't know why my mother loved to make it during this month but it did taste good to eat during sahur. Now I've carried the tradition by serving and making it for my family every year for Ramadhan month.

Last night I finally managed to make the acar buah. It has probably been 4 years that I've not making it. Every year I planned and talked about it but never fulfilled it. The last time I blogged about this acar buah was in the year of 2007! Wow... so long..

My version of acar buah must always contains the luxurious and rich ingredients. Nak makan sendiri kan, mesti lah nak yang sedap dan best. I bought all kind of dried and pickled fruits from Malaysia and add up with local dates and some dried fruits that couldn't be found in Malaysia. 

After an hour cooking it, taraaa.. here is my delicious acar buah is ready to eat. As usual.. buat tak reti nak sikit. It is more than enough for our house as it only me and my husband eat it  and some I will give to my friends. 

Last night we had our first sahur with the acar buah. Nyummmm...

To all my relatives and friends - Ramadhan Kareem. May Allah give us all strength and sabr to undertake the fasting and fulfil our obligation of this Holy Month in good health. Ameen. 

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