Friday, 10 June 2016

Fashion Looks Better When You Feel Good On The Inside

Everybody wants to dress pretty and so do I! I love to dress-up, ever since I was little. When I was small, I always loved to play dress-up, berangan posing in front of the mirror. My mom's clothes, scarves, accessories and shoes were always to be experimented with. At that time, I thought I would grow up to be either a model or a fashion designer. Hahaha... memang berangan sungguh kan..

Being the only girl in the family, I always had the special privilege of having extra clothes and shoes. As far as I remember, my mom would always buy any clothes or shoes that I wanted and I ended up having all kinds of seasonal up to date fashion at that time. (miss my mom so much...) She always wanted me to dress up neatly and pretty. That probably is how I have a bit of fashion sense and is always finicky on how I dress up. 

Till now, I am very particular on how I dress up including my children and husband. Sounds so poyo and perasan celebrity ahh?? Well.. not that I have to have an expensive or branded clothes on my body and also not that I have to always dress up luxuriously, it is just that I want to make sure I put on a cloth that looks decent, neat, pretty to my eyes and suitable to the occasion. All of these actually represent yourself and confidents.

Most of my clothes are all ready-made bought from the stores. I am more confident buying ready-made rather then to hunt for the material to send to the tailor. I have a very bad sense of choice when it comes to hunting material. That is why sometimes I just prefer to buy a ready-made baju kurung or jubah. 

Over here in Oman, there is where when I learned started going to the material shops. It started with accompanying friends who were so good in choosing materials. What ever she picked, it was always nice. If I wanted to buy one, I always got her to pick for me. Years I've been following them, still I did not pick up the skills.

Seriously, I don't know why I am so bad at it and have a lack of confidence in choosing the material. Everything looks pretty to me and sometimes everything looks messy and ugly to me. If I really need to buy it, I will bring along my friend for her second opinion.

Sometimes I have a request from my AbayaOman customer to pick a nice material for the abaya. Fuhhh... here comes the challenge. Frankly I don't like it as I am afraid I'll pick the wrong one. I will usually choose a few samples and get them to pick by themselves. There was also a situation where they got confused on choosing colors and asked me to pick for them. They said that I have the material live in front of my eyes where as they just see it thru the camera picture. OMG.. how am I suppose to know which color that suits you? I don't even know your skin color and your personality.

But because of the trust that my customer gave me, I had to wisely choose with confidence. Alhamdullilah so far they like it. Maybe without realizing, I have slowly pick-up the skills on this area. Nowadays, kedai kain over here seems to be one of my favourite place! I even have a few shops that (unofficially signing MOU) always update me with their new upcoming materials thru whatsapp with a special price. Kalau masuk area kedai kain tu dah macam YB melawat kawasan atau Kak Long nak check area. Hahahaha.. Semua orang kedai kenal. Nampak sangat selalu gi kan... 

With a bit of skills on choosing materials, I gained confidence in designing abaya for my AbayaOman online business. Of course not like those typical fashion designers that sketch nice slim models on the paper. My version of designing will be like scribbling a design on paper and more on explaining and arguing with the tailor to make him understand.

I guess with the love of fashion that I have and my need to look presentable and nice that my mom always taught me, it truly describes who I am now. Though I did not end up to be a model or a fashion designer, I am happy with who I am now. "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak - Rachel Zoe"

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