Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Candy Crush

Like seriously.. candy crush?? Hahaha.. yes.. I am a die hard fan of this game. My daughter introduced this game to me. At the beginning we were so hooked into it. Be kind of each other by giving 'lives' and tips sharing on how to solve certain level of the game.

After awhile I guess they just get bored and stopped playing it except me who is still keep playing struggling moving up from one level to another. It is probably now over a year I've started playing it and I am not at LEVEL 446. 

I have no idea what is the end level of this game but to be at this far level is already good for me. Cewah.. self satisfaction achievement! 

I've also installed the siblings of this game - "Soda Candy Crush" and "Jelly Candy Crush". The method of the game is more or less is the same. When I've no 'lives' in candy crush, I will play the other sibling games. Kalau dah start memang tak bleh stop! Well at least you stimulate your brain! 

To prove that I am a die hard fan of Candy Crush ..


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