Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ramadhan Kareem

Probably it is not too late for me to wish everybody Ramadhan Kareem.

Today is the fourth day of Ramadhan here in Oman. I was really looking forward for the Ramadhan to come this year. I don’t know why.. perhaps because I am now getting old or maybe I have realize that this holy month itself is so meaningful to all Muslims especially me.

Nabila and Hakeem who have started fasting full for the whole month last year continue to do it so this year. Thank God that the Ramadhan falls during the school summer holidays. They just stay at home during the day time and went out for Tarawikh and supper at night time.

Nabila told me after her Iftar on the first day – “I feel that Ramadhan is a special month because I got to enjoy my meal better than the other days. I stay hunger for 15 hours and get to eat after that which is so meaningful. Now I know how does it feels not to have food and I learn to appreciate more what I have in my life

It is true indeed what Nabila said and I was proud to hear that. I have been taught from small to understand what fasting all about. It is just not about prohibited yourself from consuming foods but also to make good deeds and earn “pahala” as much as you can.

I admit that I have always overlooked and neglected on the second part which is earn “pahala” as much as you can but I pray and hope that year by year I will improve myself to do better in Ramadhan.

Again, Ramadhan is also the month of me experimenting with the new menu on the table. Beside the main dish I always love to try out our traditional kuih muih and fulfilling whatever requested foods by family.

Ramadhan Kareem to all of you and May Allah bless us with good health, prosperity and accept our prayers.

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