Sunday, 21 July 2013

New Addiction

I dont remember when it starts but I think since I retired from my career and be the domestic homemaker - that was the time I've glued myself in front of the TV watching movies and serial episodes of telenovela.

Back in Malaysia we have various kinds of TV shows, from local to the international like Philippine, Thailand, Korea, Mexico, India or Indonesia. Oh.. I love watching all of them! 

I still remember there was at one particular time the serial episodes of "Mistress Harmanes" (I hope I got the correct spelling) which was so famous that almost everybody watched and talked about it. My late mom was a big fan of this TV show.

Though she was sick and had to undergo the chemotherapy treatment, she never forget to watch or asked us to update her on the missed episodes. There was at one time when she was in the ambulance, suddenly she asked me "what is the time now?" I said "it is 4.30pm" She replied "Owh no.. I've missed today's episode of Mistress Harmanes" That was my mom.. when I was worried that she has to be rushed to the hospital, with the loud ambulance sirens around us plus the ambulance driver who drove like the F1 formula car.. all she could ask was about this "Mistress Harmanes"... 

Now when I am in Oman, I am still continue watching series of TV shows. Before all of these online movie technology exist, I love to watch English episodes like Friends, Gillmore Girls and few more. After a while I moved to the Turki TV show. They have many great shows and the famous one right now is "Harem Al Sultan". I've started watching it from Season 1 and currently they are showing Season 3 right now. This show is a phenomena in the Middle East. Almost everybody are talking about this. I am too addicted to this series. 

I also do not want to be left out watching Malaysia movies or TV shows. Thank God that I can watch online. A few months back there were many online site provides link for the Malay TV show. Unfortunately it is now is banned by the Government of Oman. Huh.. in Oman here.. almost everything are banned and not allowed to be connected here. 

I am still lucky though because I still have This site is like my personal TV. I could watch movies, TV show while cooking or ironing clothes. Cool ah.. Owh.. how I love my life now! Hahahaahahha..

My latest addiction now is the Philipine show as there are no Malay series show that are currently nice to watch. Everyday my kids will listen to the tagalog conversation whenever I turn on the show. I guess.. in a few weeks time all of us can speak tagalog!

Well.. excuse me yeah.. I have more series to catch up!

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