Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Cancer? I am so allergic and sensitive to this 'word'..  It always remind me of my mom, my aunty and uncles who were all passed away because of cancer. Whenever I hear people that I know is currently suffering cancer, it is like hearing a door bell in my house - I open the door and wait for the person to say "Yes.. it is your turn now.. "

Yesterday I received news about my friend, my childhood friend that I knew since we were probably seven years old. She is now fighting with stage 4 of lung cancer.

Oh dear.. My hand was trembling when reading the message. My heart beat started pounding faster and faster. Her face immediately appeared on my mind, playing all the memories that we have had together. Her parents are very close to my parents. We would have a family meet-up almost every weekend. Besides seeing her at the school, we also got to see and play together on every weekend.

I feel sorry for her. I can feel her sorrow and pain. The last time I met her was two years ago. She was sound and healthy. It was great to see her and her mom back after 30 years we were not in contact. They moved to another place and we were not contacted each other since that day except my parents who were continuously visiting her mom until the day my mom passed away.

I always joke around with my cousin - "If we were to hear any one of us is having cancer, don't be surprised as it is runs in our blood. Both of our moms died because of cancer so we just have to be prepared and accept it if we were to get it too."

Well it is not like I've declared that I've lost the battle but it is better to always be scared and alert myself about this. I will do my very best to avoid cancer like doing yearly medical check-up, practise a healthy lifestyle and diet. But still.. if it is already written by Allah that I will get it, nothing can stop it.

To my dear friend Zaza.. I will always pray for you. May Allah give you strength to face all this, ease your pain and sorrow.

I too pray that I, my brothers, my cousins and my children will always be given a good health and may Allah avoid us from having cancer.

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