Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Omani Doll - my new passion

I've been living here in Oman for almost 10 years but only now have the opportunity to learn how to make these Omani Dolls. I don't really know who actually started the idea of creating it, but I learned to make it from one of the British ladies who have been living in Oman for many years.

After I went to 4 classes I managed to have my first family omani doll frame hanging on my wall.

Being a bit ambitious, my friend and I started taking orders, making omani dolls for our friends. We then expanded our so called business by organizing classes. I sometimes think and wonder where this creativity of mine suddenly came from. At times I can't believe how I managed to draw a camel when I am actually bad at drawing anything!

I might be a late bloomer. A late bloomer of everything! I started mountain biking and workout classes a few years back. I even did cross stitching, crochet, book binding, sewing, patchwork a couple years back too. I just want to do everything and anything to fill up my time.

The latest one is the Omani Doll. I just love to sit down and decorate and beautify it. Well... it is better than nothing right! Enjoy some of the omani dolls made by me and my partner.

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