Monday, 8 September 2014

Passion-Based Business

I've started doing business (like earning my own pocket money) at the age of 10. My mom made nasi lemak and I brought to school to sell to my friends. It was of course not allowed at school but I did it sembunyi2. It was only last for a few days until I've been caught in red handed!

My late mom was a great cook. I guess because of that many of her friends always got her to cook for them. It started by helping them until she later got paid for all the foods that she cooked. I always helped her especially during Raya. That was the busiest month of the year. She made thousands and thousands of delicious cookies. Owh.. I miss those moment.

I made my own first cake to sell when I was 15years old. Sold it to my aunty and mom's friend with pride! Hahaha though it was only two "customers", I was still proud of it.

Since I am now not working and stay at home, I find a way to create business to fill up my 'extra' time beside earning additional income. Five years ago when I was in Malaysia, I sort of trial and error in selling cakes and kek lapis sarawak. Surprisingly it was quite a huge success especially during Raya sampai tak cukup tangan. People got to know my product from mouth to mouth and online. Yes.. at that time I did have a blog promoting my cakes. It was an exciting moment when strangers contacted you asking about your cakes!

Nowadays, an online business is not only a trend but it is like a must for everybody to make known their product thru online. Though you already have a physical store or shop, one good way of telling people is thru the internet. We can promote our product thru its own website, blog, fb or instagram.

I myself love to shop online! I find it very convenient. I can shop at anytime and anywhere. I have also seriously started venture business thru online. The first one is iwatchyourbag. This idea came from three of us (me, M and N) who are so crazy over handbags. We can just talk endlessly about handbags. One day, I told them.. since we have so much knowledge about all kind of designer handbags and always keep up to date with the new design/model, why not we transform our passion to money?

It has been six months now and I can say that it is not bad after all. We manage to sell quite number of handbags. It is very competitive market as there are many online seller out there but we are selling preloved vintage designer handbags. Maybe that's the different. Designer handbags are increasing their price crazily and we are here to fulfil the desire of those who can't earn the expensive brand-new but still can buy the good preloved with cheaper price!

A month ago I've started another online business - abayaoman. The idea started after a few times went back to Malaysia buying abaya for my friends. I venture this business with my sister in-law. She is handling all the enquiries from customers where as I am in charge of designing, purchasing and tailoring the abaya and also sharing the abaya in our fb and instagram. For a newbie, I would say that we are quite success.

One of the problems that we are having for the online seller like us is HOW TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT WE ARE EXIST?

I will continue this in my next post. Meanwhile please do visit my fb and ig of iwatchyourbag and abayaoman.

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