Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Alhamdullilah… Thank you Allah for allowing me to breath till now. Today I am 45 years old. Huih.. tak sangka dah tua kan..

There are of course ups and downs along the journey of my life to reach this age and if I were to list down here, there might be not enough pages.

Bila dulu2 orang tua cakap - "aku makan garam dulu dari kau" atau "aku ni orang tua.. hati sensitif" atau "eee.. tak lalu ah nak makan ni.. "

Ahah.. now I have that all sorts of feelings. Bila budak2 hingusan nak tunjuk terror atau anak2 nak tunjuk pandai maka keluarlah ayat "aku makan garam dulu dari kau"!

I am happy with my life now. Syukur sangat. Though I am not working, go to office but I still can earn money in my own way. Well.. beside pocket money given by hubby, I am now be able to create money thru my passion.

I've been staying at home as a homemaker for 12 years now. Huh.. that very long that I didn't even realise it. Luckily my brain is still smart and functioning. Hahahaha..

I always love to occupied myself with sorts of activities and hobbies. I always make myself busy to do this and that which sometimes I feel like I need more time to do more things.

I just love my life now and love what I am doing now. Thank you Allah. Thank you to my husband who has always support and encourage me in whatever I want to do though sometimes it is the nonsense things but he still go along with me!

I am also proud to see the achievement of all my children. They are such a smart and independent kids. They always make me and hubby proud of them.

Couldn't ask for more right?

My pray and wish for my 45th birthday are:
Allah will give me a healthy long life at least until I am be able to attend Nabila & Hakeem University Graduation Day.
I and my family will always be protected from any harms and major sickness.
My body is always healthy so that I can continue going to the gym, cycling and do my amal ibadah.
Allah memurahkan my rezeki and family.
To be loved by family and friends
Last but not least, to always look fabulous and good walaupun dah tua kerepot!

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