Saturday, 24 August 2013

Oman... I am home!

After 3 weeks in Malaysia, I am currently back to my home sweet home in Oman. Yes..!! Back to reality and no more holiday..

Most of our times in Malaysia were spending moments with family, friends and running some errands. We go out almost every day! Of course, this was not what my children enjoyed but we had no choice but to drag them along.

Towards the end of our time in Malaysia, all of us just couldn’t wait to get back to Oman. I guess it was probably because we just felt unsettled with our luggage around and also knowing the fact that we only have time limits there.

Well.. now I am missing my father, Mak, relatives and friends there. I am also bit disappointed not to be able eating some of my favorites food. Yeah.. ‘makan’ has always be the main agenda but with the time limits and also the limitation of my tummy that won’t be able to eat so many times a day – meleleh air liur je lah sekarang…

Insyaalah if time permits, I will be back again to my beloved country. 

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