Monday, 26 August 2013

It Feels Like Yesterday

Childhood friendship is the most beautiful memory that can’t ever be replaced

Ask anyone out there and everyone will agree with this quote. Everybody has their own special times and memories during childhood and so do I.

I guess the best time was during my school days, the days when I was still young and innocent. We had no Ipad, PS2, Xbox or whatever kind of gadgets and tablets. We also didn’t have any satellite TV around that time. No Facebook or Twitter.

What I knew was, wake up in the morning – go to school – come home – sleep and the routine repeats for the next day. Our kind of entertainment was only playing masak2, police & thieves, hide & seek, galah panjang and more outdoors activities… but I still feel that they were the best times that I ever had in my childhood time.

27 years after high school I am still in contact with a few friends till now. Some of the friends just disappeared from my life until the Facebook was invented! Thanks for that anyway.. I was a bit late with this FB thingy, which just joined 3 years ago.

Only then.. I got to be connected with my school friends one by one. It is a blessed as we got to see and update each other’s life virtually. Though some of us were thousand miles apart, we can still chat and talk like we were young.

During my recent trip back to Malaysia, I managed to catch up with a few childhood friends. Due to the time constraint, I wouldn’t be able to gather and see many of my girlfriends plus I guess I was not among the popular one in school.. hahahhaha..

This is my picture with Zaza. She is currently having a lung cancer. Oh my dear friend, I always pray for you. I always pray that you will get better and be strong healthy.

I was also being able to meet Syamie. Though we only had a couple of hours together, it meant so much to me. Both of us were talking like a bullet train catching each other’s life.

This is my always-beautiful buddy – Abby. During our school days, she was always the famous and popular one. The one with pretty face who would turns everybody’s head. She was always my partner in crime! Hahahha.. I miss u so much Abby. I miss the days we always had fun together.

I am also got to meet Milah who is now “Datin”. She is now looked so pretty, Yuana and also the always cute cheeky smiley face, Wan Silmina. I always remember Mina’s happy smiling face.

Last but not least – my always BFF – Hazidah. I always make a point to meet her and also Fairuz whenever I got back to Kedah. This time around we were missing Fairuz as she couldn’t join us.

I am pleased though these were only a few that I could meet. After 27 years I guess we just never change!! All of you will always be in my heart my dear friends.

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