Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cancer Walk 2014 - Walk For The Cure

28th October 2014

Never fail to join the Cancer Walk organised by the Oman Cancer Association (OCA) every year. The theme of the walk for this year was - Walk for the cure.

Over 6,000 people comprising children, elders and students participated in this event. It was held at the Al Qurum Natural Park, Muscat. It was a 2km green stretch in the park. You won't feel the 2km at all (not even sweat) as when we joined walking with thousands of people, it was more like a leisure walking.

The walk is more to spread the awareness about cancer, especially the breast cancer. There has been a 35% increase in breast cancer since 2012. Breast cancer is the largest killer of females in Oman.

The walk is also to remember all those who lost the fight against breast cancer while celebrating those who have survived. It is to encourage those who are battling out.

I myself, have a very strong family history of cancer.

My mom - cervical - brain cancer
My aunty - lung - bone
My uncle - nose
My uncle - gastric/stomach

Al fatihah to all of them.

It is a lie if I say that I am not worry at all. Every day I wake up praying that I will stay healthy and Allah forbid me from getting cancer. I am doing my very best to live a healthy lifestyle.

- this remind me that I am due for my pap smear and mammogram check up!

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