Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Behind The Scenes

Behind of every succesful businesswoman is her man and family. Well.. I am not eligble yet to claim the title of “succesful” but I believe I am going to that way. Soon… yeah… (*dream high*). In my previous post, I’ve mentioned how difficult for an online seller to promote our online business. Unless you have a thick budget, then this would not be an issue.

As for me, who is so determined to make use of all the skills, experiences and knowledges that I have still found, it is quite a very challenging and competitive.

Besides on how to make known the existing of your online business (promise will write it in my next post), you also have to make a very impressive FB or Instagram to attract people.

This again, if you have a thick budget.. everything is possible. Just hire a proffesional company, go all out for an advertisment and within a day you’ll get a thousands followers and likers.

As for me… the bajet ciput company… I have to do all it by myself from scratch. Well.. imagine me sitting at the couch, clicking the ‘follow’ or ‘add friend’ button until the FB and IG suspended me from doing it! Hahahahhaa…

Here.. I would like to ‘reveal’ the secret of my yet to be successful “abayaoman”. Since I am selling abaya, the pictures of abayas has to be looked beautiful and inspiring. My source of abaya is mostly from the Matrah Souq. For those who doesn’t know, Matrah Souq is an area with many shops selling household items, shoes, gold and readymade garments.

I had sort off signing an MOU business deal with one tailor shop there. So if there is any of new abaya stock ready, he will inform me. I also have the ‘privillege’ ordering the abaya from him thru whatsapp. Owh.. this is so convenient as to go there is quite a hassle with the limited parking space.

Now.. capturing the abaya photo to be put in the FB and Instagram! I am not a professional photographer though I have the camera that looks like one of them. Always got confused with lots of functions on the camera, so thanks to my Iphone. Yes.. all my pictures are taken using only with my handphone.

The outcome sometimes were not that perfect due to the lighting that sometimes customers got confused asking “is the abaya color black or green?”. Also while taking pictures, it happened sometimes a Bangla tailor man popped out from the middle of nowhere passing by or suddenly behind the abaya! Huh… rasa macam nak cubit je pasal kita dah cantik dapat angle gambar tu.

Apart from that the best part is that I can edit the picture to make it more realistic. Though not that perfect but Alhamdulliah, all the abaya pictures were well captured and put in the FB and IG.

Recently, AbayaOman has launched its own design. Wah… dah maju setapak gayanya.. hehehe. Ni.. kena lah ada model untuk gayakan abaya tu kan.. Tapi bajet ciput company ni mana ah ada ongkos nak hire model. So sape lagi yg jadi mangsa?? Hahahaha… Then.. to get a good photo, must have a good studio with a perfect lighting and a professional photographer. Hmm…. 

Luckily I have those… Taraaaaa….

This our own little studio.

My "lighting boy". Asyik senget je tala lamp tu.. muka boring kena marah!

My photographer! Kena keje tangkap gambar malam, so tak sempat nak sarong suit & tie. 
See.. we managed to do it! Owh yes.. my daughter Nabila, is the assistant of the photographer. When the photographer has no mood to do his work, Nabila will take over the job. I have an awesome team! 

I always believe that to be success in whatever we want to do, you just have to be creative and love what you do. As said by Oprah Winfrey - "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

Owh yes.. every day I wake up excitedly waiting for the customers to make an order. I enjoy doing what I am doing now and that is the most important.

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